Ewaste helps developing countries
Ewaste helps developing countries with neutralizing products

How does it work

Our system is quite simple.

The purchase of an e-Waste Certificate makes your used ICT hardware instantly e-waste neutral.


Ewaste Foundation uses a per-piece donation system, which allows you to directly remove the corresponding amount of e-waste from developing countries where your used ICT hardware will soon arrive to get a “second life”.


When you buy a certificate for a certain piece of electronic equipment (e.g. a computer, printer, or monitor), we use this money to process and dismantle the corresponding amount of e-waste in developing countries in an ecologically and socially responsible way. This happens in close cooperation with our certified local e-waste disassembly projects.

Buy your certificate


Ewaste Foundation then ships the hazardous parts (such as the capacitors, batteries, and CRT glass) out of the developing countries to places where we process it in an environmentally correct way. This processing happens in socalled “smelters”.


What Do You Get?

The certificate can apply to one piece or a batch of electronic equipment. You will receive an “E-Waste Neutral” certificate that includes the date, the type and amount of equipment you neutralized with your certificate. You can enter or upload the serial numbers from your equipment. These then can be searched for by everone via our ITEM CHECKER, to proof they indeed have been neutralized.


Ewaste will give customers certificates