Ewaste helps developing countries
The first and only one
The Ewaste Foundation is the first and only organisation issueing Ewaste Certificates worldwide in order to offsett ones African e-waste footprint.

Offsetting Your e-Waste Footprint:
Today, anyone wishing to do so, can take immediate action to help defuse the African e-waste issue by purchasing Ewaste Certificates.

Fast and Simple
From now on, with just a few mouse clicks, and only a few Euros per device, one can offset the e-waste footprint of their obsolete electronic equipment -- instantly, and simply by inputting the individual serial numbers for this equipment.

Press Information

Below you find materials you can use in online and offline articles about the Ewaste Foundation.

Please get in touch with us via email: pdejong@ewastefoundation.org

phone number (CET+1 – Amsterdam Time) +31 653 245 246


.jpg .eps - Certified Ewaste Stamp
.jpg .eps - Logo Ewaste Foundation
.jpg .eps .pdf - “Certificate of e-Waste Compensation”
.jpg – Figure “What we do”
.jpg – Figure “What is e-Waste?”
.jpg – Figure “List of Electronics we Offset”
.jpg – Figure “For whom is the Certificate”


Presentation Ewaste Foundation

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Press release

.pdf Press release august 2009 (Dutch)
.pdf Press release august 2009 (French)
.pdf Press release august 2009 (German)