General Policies

All funding the E-waste Foundation receives from customers buying e-waste certificates is used to process the corresponding amount of e-waste in developing countries in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. We pay for the transport of e-waste out of developing countries and the disposal of the hazardous residues, such as capacitors, CRT glass, and print boards, which are byproducts of the e-waste disassembly process. These hazardous residues are processed by us through state-of-the-art technology not available in developing countries.



We have made thorough calculations regarding the amount of hazardous residues per machine, the cost of shipping, and the cost of recycling. We have performed these calculations in close cooperation with StEP and EMPA and on the basis of several international studies on e-waste.



In order to guarantee to our customers and partners that their money is spent correctly, our accounting department is monitored and works in cooperation with XX Accountants. For the first two years of our operation, XX Accountants has offered to work for us for free, thus providing friendly support to the initiative of the E-Waste Foundation.


Project Selection

We have strict criteria when choosing new e-waste disassembly projects to support. In composing the criteria, we synchronize with the latest insights in the field. Here you can find the criteria and requirements for admitting an e-waste project for funding.


The Use of the E-waste Neutral Logo

The use of the E-Waste Neutral logo is provided to companies who neutralize all of their reused, end-of-life equipment via the E-Waste Foundation.