Ewaste helps developing countries


If you would like to donate to our initiative we would also be very pleased. This donation is not done on a per-piece basis, but will be used in general to encourage our initiative and its growth. You will receive a receipt at the end of the donation process.

Donate now to Ewaste and recieve your certificate

Offset your E-waste footprint now!

Through the Ewaste Foundation you directly generate e-waste reduction on the basis of your own e-waste footprint.

Ewaste Neutral Certified


Every organization which feels responsible for e-waste in developing countries and wants to reduce this e-waste can from now on outsource the practical consequences of this responsibility through buying our e-Waste Certificates.


Because these certificates are released on a per item basis, our transparent financing model is innovative and appealing to many of our customers.


Order Your Certificate

Here you can easily order your certificate online. You will receive your certificate in PDF format. You can have the type of equipment and the serial number printed on the certificate. This serial number will stay accessible in our database for future reference.


Knowledge Partners

We keep in close contact with all important parties and organizations which are involved in finding solutions for the growing e-waste problem. Such organizations include StEP, Empa and UNEP.


Please let us know here when you want to become knowledge partner of the Ewaste Foundation.


E-waste Disassembly Partners

We have strict criteria and requirements when choosing new e-waste disassembly projects to support. In composing the criteria and requirements we synchronize with the latest insights in the field.


Please let us know here when you think your current e-waste disassembly project meets our requirements, and you would like us to dispose of your hazardous E-waste leftover materials in a sustainable way.